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Compared to leading producers of protein meals, the RePasco process delivers a superior product, with the highest digestability in the market, under the strictest hygenic production demands.

Pet food

Your pet deserves a quality product. Our tailor-made mixes or single source protein are all produced in machines suited for human consumption, manufactured in processes with the highest hygienic standard and a focus on freshness. Our scalable process can ensure local provenance, that is sustainable for real.

Aqua feed

It is all about growing your product responsibly at an attractive price, and we know it. Our high digestible proteins will give you the growth you need and, equally important, make an environmental impact by reducing waste from the fish. Don’t settle for standard when you can get the best.

Fur feed

Until now there has never been a meal that can be compare to fresh meat. But now the RePasco process can produce a highly, and we really mean highly, digestible meal. This will significantly reduce transport and storage cost.  

RePasco offers sustainable protein-based nutritional solutions for the Pet Food, Fish Feed and Fur industry. We reduce waste and raise quality standards whilst increasing production efficiency.

Tailor-made blends

We can tailor-make your product after your wishes. Mix with any carbohydrate, fibre and protein. Let’s find your sweet spot regards to protein, fat and carbohydrate content.


Batch production

Are you a producer who wants to add more premium products to strengthen your brand? Contact us for our RePasco partnership offer.