RePasco | Pet food
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Our manufacturing process holds the highest hygenic standards, the same as food processing for human consumption.

Repasco pet food products

Our scalable process can ensure local provenance, reducing the carbon footprint by minimizing transportation volumes.


High digestible poultry protein

We believe that our Pure Chicken ”PC” protein has the highest digestibility on the market. As all our protein it is produced using the same high standards as food processing for human consumption. The Pure Chicken Protein is excellent as a protein source in pet food. Experience top quality and digestibility with PC proteins from the RePasco process.


High protein pork and low ash

Our high content protein based on pork is ideal for pet food. With only 4% ash and a proven digestibility of 97% our pork protein will be the perfect base for your brands. Use it as-is or let us mix it to fit your unique product needs.


Poultry and potato meal

Grain-free food for our pets is a growing market. Our grain-free meal produced from poultry and potato gives you an edge to target this market. Use the meal as a base in your own production or contact us to make it fit your specifications.


Poultry and wheat meal

This is our base meal to help you keep up production with quality products. WC30/P is a mix of fresh parts from poultry produced for human consumption and wheat sourced from nearby farms. Use this meal to debottleneck capacity constraints in your own production and add your own ingredients to fit your brand.

Tailor-made blends

Do you like to add new products to your line of brands or simply expand your capacity of your existing range? Contact us for our special partnership offer! With our animal protein base, we can add or source your unique carbohydrate, fibre and/or vegetable protein.