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RePasco was born from a passion for combining radical process innovation with improved product quality.

Natural and hygienic is in our DNA

We are convinced that our process technology and market offerings have the potential to revolutionize selected niches of the dry Pet Food and Fish Feed industry.

Local provenance

Our scalable process doesn’t require the big sites that conventional rendering do. As we grow, the goal is to be present with our production near the raw material and our customers. Eliminating the need for long transportation and preserving the quality of the raw material reduces the environmental footprint. Add to this our ability to dehydrate and mix locally sourced carbohydrates and you have the best and the most sustainable meal on the market.

High protein digestibility

With a heating time of less than 60 seconds and a protein temperature of around 70 degrees, The RePasco process gives a uniquely high protein digestibility. A system built with the experience from the food industry, such as in-line cleaning, closed system, hygienic designs and real control of first in-first out, gives a much better end product for our customers.

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Hygenic design

The RePasco process is a state-of-the art hygienic process with realtime process control of the flows, using only stainless steel equipment, as would any human food production site. The RePasco process is regularly cleaned with in-line cleaning. All this takes safe and hygienic handling of animal by-products to a new level.

Time & Temperature

Not only the quality of the raw material, but also processing time and temperature are essential to producing a superior product. With a dehydration time of less than 60 seconds and a temperature of less than 80 degrees the RePasco process is unbeatable when it comes to preserving the natural nutrients.